We truly believed and never gave up hope – for you, for film music, for the Zurich Film Festival, and for all of us – but it is with great regret that we now have to inform you that this year’s International Film Music Competition (IFMC) will not go ahead as planned. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to postpone the competition until next year.


The call for entries would have gone out this week. Unfortunately, we are unable at this point in time to guarantee an orchestra for the competition. We are also unable to say what form this orchestra would take or, given the government restrictions, if we would be allowed to implement such a concert in October at all.


After exploring several scenarios, we came to the heavy-hearted conclusion that due to the sheer number of uncertainties it would be impossible to go ahead with the IFMC. We are aware that you invest a lot of work and passion in your compositions, and the results deserve, if nominated, to be performed to the highest standards by the renowned Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich and honoured by the public in a packed concert hall. This is something that we are currently unable to guarantee.


Knowing how much you were looking forward to taking part in this year’s IFMC has made this decision all the more painful. However, your high level of interest in the competition is all the motivation we need to organise another exceptional IFMC next year. Many thanks for your trust and patience.


On behalf of the organisation team, we would like to offer you our warmest regards and wish you the best of health. We’ll see you soon. 


Pierre Funck, President of Forum Filmmusik
Marc Barwisch, Head of Artistic Administration, Tonhalle Society Zurich
Christian Jungen, Artistic Director of Zurich Film Festival

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